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At the beginning of each school year,  the PTSO board sets a budget for the educational and school requests that we get throughout the year. In addition, we provide support to teachers via a Classroom Reimbursement of up to $75, and we also consider larger projects under our Education Grant program.

Hallway Benches2.jpg


Hallway Benches

The PTSO was tasked with providing space for the student body to gather, socialize and build community.  Scattered throughout the school, you will find several new benches that the students are able to enjoy throughout the day.


Senior Patio Improvements

The Senior Patio was in need of a major overhaul.  The PTSO providing funding for major improvements to make our patio an enjoyable place for lunch and outdoor learning.

Teacher Luncheon.jpg

Teacher Love

Nothing is better than the staff at Briar Woods!  Whether it is the start of the school year, the holiday season or teacher appreciation week, the PTSO showers the BW staff with love.   

Prior year highlights include: 

  • Robotics equipment

  • 1 classroom set of Raspberry Pi computers

  • 2 classroom sets of TI-84 Plus graphing calculators

  • Vernier sensors for LabQuest equipment

  • Classroom sets of contemporary books for the English Department

  • DNA kits for science lessons

  • Fossil kits and portable dissolved oxygen meters for Enviro Science

  • Compost bins

  • 3-D Printer and vinyl cutter

  • Back-to-school luncheon for all staff

  • DECA/FBLA Nationals registration fees

  • 10 new multi-purpose tables for the school to use at events

  • Large event tents for Student Council and the school to use

  • Senior BBQ at year-end

  • $75 Classroom teacher reimbursements

  • New microwaves for the cafeteria

  • Tables for alternative classroom seating

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Speaker fees for Rachel Bailey, Motivation Coach

  • Scholarships awarded to Briar Woods students

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