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About Us

Who We Are

The Briar Woods High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (BWHS PTSO) is a 501(3)(c) organization that provides support to the Briar Woods Administration. The PTSO is comprised of volunteers from the BWHS community, and board members are elected by our members. 

What We Do

We support Briar Woods staff, students, and parents in a variety of ways, including hospitality events, enrichment programs, funding teacher requests, scholarships, special expenses, and much more. 100% of the funds we raise through dues and fundraisers are returned to the students and staff in programs approved and voted on by the board. We attain these funds primarily through membership dues, private donations, fundraising events, test prep partnerships, and Amazon and grocery links.


Our PTSO will promote a spirit of caring, citizenship and respect to encourage family and community involvement in our student’s education, social / extracurricular activities, safety, ethics, and character-building. BW PTSO BYLAWs

How YOU Can Help

The PTSO is available to support all groups in the school, either with funds or with volunteers. Please consider becoming a member so that we can provide funding, volunteers, and support to as many organizations throughout the school as we can reach. Join the PTSO today and help us make a difference.  

We Support Our Staff

 We support the staff and teachers by letting them know they are appreciated with luncheons, holiday cookie exchange, staff appreciation week activities, and more. We also fund teacher and staff needs and projects throughout the year that don't receive funding otherwise.

We Support Our Students

 We meet regularly with school staff to represent the needs of students and advocate for them. We coordinate and support events for the students including SCA events, club and activity support, and senior activities. PTSO funds are also used to support educational pursuits as we provide scholarships for graduating seniors. We have contributed to upgrades around the school as well as helped with funding to enhance our student culture & spirit.

We Support Our Parents

 We support the parents by providing a forum in our monthly meetings to collaborate with school staff and ask questions, express concerns, share views, and give appreciation. We welcome anyone and everyone to attend our monthly meetings.

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