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Welcome to the Briar Woods PTSO

 The PTSO is available to support all groups in the school, either with funds or with volunteers. Please join us so that we can provide funding, volunteers, and support to as many organizations throughout the school as we can reach. Join the PTSO today and help us make a difference. The PTSO is open to any parent or guardian of a Briar Woods student and BWHS staff members

PTSO Board & Commitee Leads

Co-President: Melanie Kelly

Co-President: Tracy Gilliam

Vice President Membership: Vacant

Vice President Activities: Vacant

Treasurer: Rebecca White

Secretary: Vacant

Social Content Manager: Mary Flowers

SAT/ACT Prep Coordinator: Erin Stevens

Senior Activity Coordinator: Stephanie Reese

Scholarship Coordinator: Debi Arabia

Volunteer Coordinator: Lin Thomas

Grocery/Amazon Coordinator: Wendy Drake

Teacher Events Coordinator: Dorian Beetle

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